We are aware of a current issue with zip files. While VirFind works with files compressed using gzip, it will not decompress files in other zip formats. For now, if you have this problem and your result is empty, please resubmit an uncompressed file. We plan to fix this issue soon.

VirFind is an online virus discovery tool running on computer nodes housed at Arkansas High Performance Computing Center. It can:

  • Accept different input file formats: fasta, Illumina fastq, 454 sff.
  • Map the reads to reference genomes.
  • Perform de novo assembly to get longer contigs.
  • Filter out non-virus sequences that can create noise in the sequencing data.
  • Detect known viruses.
  • Discover new viruses.
  • Perform conserved domain search.
  • And give you sequences that are not yet determined if viral or not viral.

The tool is a set of different modules, each with a specific job, and future modules can be added for additional capabilities.

Please create a new account, and log in for guidelines of how to use VirFind for discovering viruses in your next generation sequencing data.

Principal investigator: Ioannis E. Tzanetakis.

Creator: Thien Ho (Scholar, LinkedIn).